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Fondly, M.C.

"My friend and I were listening to your CD this morning and I thought I'd give you an update on what's going on in my life. You and I met last month at the retreat in the Berkshires. At the time I told you about how my marriage was failing and how my husband was so far from Yiddeshkeit and vehemently against any progress I was making, to the point where he said it was breaking our marriage apart and he couldn't live with me under these circumstances any longer.

Well, since our meeting, just a short time ago, he has done a 180 degree turnaround! He is faithfully coming with me to visit friends on Shabbos, he is allowing me to keep a kosher kitchen (Oy! this means I really have no excuse now!), I am covering my head with stylish hats (which he thinks looks really nice on me) and I am keeping mikveh. All with 100% consent from him.

He told me he loves me very much and does not want to leave. We're seeing a therapist (not Jewish, so we agreed that if we have any issues about observance and Judaism we'd consult one particular Chabad shliach whom we both trust and respect).

I've been so patient for so many years. I've tried so hard not to step on his toes or force it on him. But one can never underestimate the power of prayer. I began to daven earnestly and he changed his mindset -- just like that! He had also been complaining that we don't have enough money to buy kosher and you know what? I said to Hashem, please give us the means so I can keep your mitzvos! And you know what? The next day we suddenly had a $350 increase in our monthly income! No kidding! I also prayed, please Hashem, help him find work (he's been out of work for a couple of years now) so we have the means to kasher our kitchen and give more tzedakah, and just a few days later he came up with a viable work prospect, which, as of today, looks like it will work out!

I read your book, and thought, this is too good to be true. How can one woman witness so many miracles in her lifetime? But it's true, Hashem does hear us and helps us to keep His Torah. I don't know why I should be so surprised, but until it happens it's hard to believe. My husband still thinks much of this is silliness and he has a long way to go (I guess we all do), but I know in time, with patience and prayer, one day it will happen. And with my husband, nothing is less than 110%. When he gets there, he'll be the biggest chassid in the community!

Thank you so much, Sarah, for your support and encouraging words. You've given me the koyach to keep on when I wanted to quit.

Take care. I'll check in from time to time and let you know of our progress."



"My husband and I have been suffering from financial problems for awhile now, but after the birth of our daughter, it got really bad. I was trying to remain strong and positive, but the problems finally got to me and my faith in Hashem was severely challenged. I stopped covering my hair and dressing in what I term "The Jewish Dress Code" and I just basically lost my trust in Hashem. My husband finally got a job, and he is working very hard, extremely hard, in fact and when he comes home at the end of the day we are both exhausted and have had very little time to foster our own relationship. And because we don't have time for that, we have no connection, least of all, a spiritual connection. So, out of desperation, after a few weeks of intense conflict, to the point of me wanting to leave him (I am 8 months pregnant, where am I going to go:)??) I reached out to Chani, to give me some pointers on Shalom Bayit, and lo and behold, she gave me your books and CD. I want to tell you how happy I was and how I really needed to read and hear what you had to say. I was especially touched by your story about your friend in Jerusalem who got up to bless her husband as he left for work every morning. I realized how selfish and self absorbed I can be and I asked my husband to wake me up before he left for work the next morning so I could bless him. Well, my husband got up in the morning and didn't wake me, as I had been up with the baby in the night and he wanted to let me sleep (he leaves very early in the morning), so I called him at work that day, so I could bless him. I blessed him to be safe and to come home to us, his wife and children who love him very much, and for parnassa. We said good bye and that was it. Well, he came home that day, and told me, a story I couldn't believe! He works in construction/renovations and was on scaffolding when I phoned. He had left his phone down below so he had to climb down to answer it. We talked and then he hung up. As soon as he hung up, the scaffolding that he was supposed to be on fell over, collapsed! Right where he was just standing two minutes before! Crazy huh? So this week, for shabbat, as per your instruction, on your CD, I made challah for shabbat for the first time in almost two years. I am slowly slowly coming back to having my faith restored and all I needed was to hear from someone like yourself who has faith and is sharing her experience strength and hope with others, so I really thank you for reminding me of what our faith in Hashem can do and mean for us.

I wish you shavua tov and once again, toda rabah"

Chani Myhill, Las Vegas, NV

"Due to the gentle, eloquent, and sensitive manner of her presentation the women were very touched."

Goldie Geisinsky, Brooklyn, NY

"I went out and bought the book and read it cover to cover in about one week (i had to control myself from reading it in one day!). It was phenomenal and very inspiring...thank you!"

Ariella Goldberg, Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Your delivery is so sincere, gentle, calm, and matter of fact. No one feels that they are being preached to or told to do something that is too difficult to achieve. You have a way with the audience and words using your stories that have a certain effect on people.
Your genuine concern for each individual really comes across."

Clara Simon, Delmar, NY

"Thank you very much for coming! [Your] words touched many people."

Rabbi Zeev and Shaindel Raskin, Chabad of Cyprus Cyprus

"We had heard so many good reports about your talks from all over the world. To have you here with us was a great honor and a pleasure for our community to experience and be apart of your inspirational talks and many wonderful stories.
The feedback that we have had from the community was wonderful. The way you spoke was inspiring, empowering and you touched the hearts of all of us. It was a pleasure to be in your company and learn from you rich life experiences, and to listen to you continual spiritual journey."

Chanie Hertz, Chabad at Park Place Chicago, IL

"Sarah Karmely was the perfect person to speak on [the laws of family purity]. Her blend of humor, sensitivity and expertise combined to make for a perfect evening of learning and inspiration& days later and people are still raving about the event and how they have already incorporated aspects of her talk into their lives.

The overwhelming response to this event makes us realize just how important, necessary and beneficial it is for women to have such events on [domestic tranquility], marriage and family purity in a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to doing more such events in the future."

Molly Resnick, Veteran Journalist and Speaker New York, NY

"My friend Sarah is a woman imbued with wisdom, clarity of mind and great sensitivity. As a counselor her advice is insightful and always delivered with that special touch of delicacy. As a speaker she is most compelling forever imparting her positive spin on life. Her real life stories have always been an inspiration to me."
Molly Resnick
Veteran Journalist and Speaker
New York, NY

Chana Piekarski, The Shluchim Office Brooklyn, NY

"Sarah Karmely's talks and articles have touched hundreds of audiences and affected thousands of hearts over the years. Sarah's many and varied experiences, as they emerged from her personal challenges and world travels, coupled with the personal guidance from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, spiritual leader of our generation, leave the audience or reader amazed at the revealed Divine Providence that has governed her life, while touching so many others. It has always been a privilege to hear her as she literally mesmerizes her audiences with her personal accounts, with her dignified yet loving delivery. And now, with the publication of her book,Thoughts to Hear with Your Heart, her influence can be maximized to an even greater extent." A must read for everyone.


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