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Shabbatons, Seminars, One-Session Talks, and a Three-Part Course for Women:

  1. 1st session: Insights into the Laws of Family Purity
  2. 2nd session: The Practical Observance of these Laws
  3. 3rd session: Domestic Tranquility (this last session is open to men too)

Audiences: Singles, Couples, Women, and College Students.

Complete List of Topics and Titles:

Relationships and Domestic Tranquility:

  1. Men, Women, and Marriage: What’s G-d got to do with it? Making relationships work in today’s world.
  2. If marriage is made in heaven, what are we doing here on Earth?
  3. Connecting in our relationships: Meeting my needs, meeting my family’s needs.
  4. Marriage enrichment: The Torah perspective on relationships and intimacy.
  5. The wonder of growing together.
  6. Finders keepers: How to renew and revive your relationships.
  7. What is this thing called love? You’ve heard it all before now come hear it the Jewish way!
  8. Rhythms of the soul: A Jewish marriage.
  9. Man, Woman and G-d: The holy partnership.
  10. The ties that bind: Redefining Jewish marriage.
  11. Marriage: The challenge to grow.

The Laws of Family Purity / Woman’s Concerns:

  1. The secret to a successful Jewish marriage: discover the power of mikvah.
  2. The mystique of the mikvah: Dispelling the myths and exploring its Kabbalistic and practical beauty.
  3. Spiritual empowerment for a new age: The feminine dimension.
  4. Spiritual empowerment: Reclaiming intimacy and femininity in today’s world: text-based from our sages.

Power of the Jewish Woman Family issues:

  1. How to like the people you love: Healthy family relationships.
  2. Rekindling the spark within: Insights into family relationships.
  3. Jewish family life and survival: A fascinating discussion on love, marriage and parenting.


  1. Twists in Time: Challah baking workshop incorporating the three women’s mitzvos – hands-on demonstration.
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