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Accommodations and Travel Notes:

Please bear in mind that sufficient unwinding time must be provided between airport arrival and pickup and start of event to allow your speaker to be rested and ready. Please plan your speaker’s flight departure/arrival times accordingly.

To maximize the potential for a successful event, Mrs. Karmely respectfully requests to be provided with private lodging/facilities, be they at a private home or a quality hotel or motel.

Fee: $1,000.00 plus Lodging & Transportation. $500 is due upon reservation and is nonrefundable.

The balance of an additional $500 is due at the event.

“Dear Sarah,
A seed you planted has blossomed: You came here to speak two months ago to a non religious group in Michigan. One lady that attended your speech on has now commited to go the Mikvah and study the laws with me! Thank you Sara for inspiring her (and many other women, IY”H) about this mitzvah, and for inspiring me to be a confident Shluchah: to be able to teach this mitzvah (It will be my first time).
Thanks again may you go from Chayil to Chayil.”

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